Wintertime Care For Your Table Top Water Fountain

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How do I care for a table top fountain in the winter?

Wintertime Care For Your Table Top Water Fountain

If you live in an area where the winter climate is harsh, you'll want to take some steps to protect your table top water fountain. Winters characterized by freezing nighttime temperatures followed by warmer daytime thawing can cause havoc on your table top water fountain. If you have a table top water fountain made of a porous material, such as concrete, you could be left with chips and cracks. Here's how you keep your precious water feature in good shape.

During the wintertime, water that freezes and then thaws again, can cause expansion and cracking in your fountain. In order to prevent the force of the changes from chipping and damaging your fountain, make sure it's dry if you intend to subject it to the severe weather. Ideally, when it's freezing, bring your table top fountain indoors to make sure it survives the winter.



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