Selecting Your Outdoor Water Fountain

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Are all outdoor stone fountains made of the same quality?

Selecting Your Outdoor Water Fountain

If you're shopping for an outdoor water fountain, you will undoubtedly find a lot of types and varieties. Cast stone concrete is a material that is commonly used to create an outdoor water fountain – especially those which are larger in size. This is because it's easier to create a specific shape and the overall durability of a larger scale outdoor water fountain.

The cast stone concrete fountain is typically made by pouring concrete into a pre-made form and requires some method of reinforcement during the process. Wire lath, iron reinforcing bars and steel rebar are all forms of possible reinforcement. The concrete itself can then take on a variety of colors through pigmentation. The types of aggregate used will have bearing on the cohesion of the concrete once it's cured. Overall, the materials used and proper curing process will lend itself to creating a solid outdoor water fountain that will last for years to come.



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