The Stone Fountain Versus the Fiberglass Fountain

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Should I purchase a stone fountain or a fiberglass fountain?

The Stone Fountain Versus the Fiberglass Fountain

If you're looking at one of the larger outdoor fountains, you'll find that many of them are either a cast stone concrete or made of fiberglass. Each type of fountain material has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice you make depends on your personal needs and restrictions.

  • A fiberglass fountain will be much lighter than a cast stone fountain of comparable size. The fiberglass fountain is prized for its amazingly light weight.
  • The cast stone concrete fountain can be more expensive than its fiberglass counterpart.
  • The cast stone fountain is more susceptible to damage from freezing temperatures during the winter due to its porous material. However, you can take steps to prevent damage.
  • The cast stone concrete fountain is more substantial and natural in appearance, though the fiberglass fountain can be manufactured to appear very realistic.



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