Stone Edging For Your Garden Pool

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What are some ways to add stone around a garden pool?

Stone Edging For Your Garden Pool

One way to incorporate stone into your garden pool is through the use of stone edging. Some common choices include flagstone, brick and any type of flat masonry material. Here are some ideas:

Flagstone is a durable, attractive stone you can use to border a garden pool. You can also use flagstone as a material for walkways throughout a garden.

Brick is lightweight and uniform in size. Because of this, it's an easier material to install than flagstone and makes an excellent choice for the edge of a pool.

For a dramatic effect with a natural appearance, you can use large boulders to line the entire edge of a pool. Using native stones to match your landscape, varying the size, and partially burying some of the large stones will create a cohesive appearance.

For a natural looking, inexpensive edge to your garden pool, add gravel to the surrounding paving. You also have the added benefit of creating a non-slip surface around the water's edge.

Create a pebbled beach that will allow guests to walk right up to the water's edge. By gently sloping the area next to your garden pool and adding pea gravel or pebbles, you create a beach-like environment that encourages interaction with the water.



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