How To Introduce Fish To Your Landscape Fountain

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What’s the best way to introduce fish to my landscape fountain?

How To Introduce Fish To Your Landscape Fountain

Having a group of beautiful fish swimming through your garden can be a wonderful addition to any landscape fountain. By following a few simple guidelines, you can make sure that your landscape fountain is full of shimmering scales and the movement of live fish in no time.

  • When purchasing fish, keep in mind their age. Younger fish might be too weak. Older fish can be very expensive.
  • For every two square feet of water you have in your landscape fountain, you can have one inch of fish. This gives your fish some growing room for the future.
  • If you have plants in your landscape fountain, let the plants have four weeks to establish themselves before introducing fish. Then introduce the fish gradually, so the plant life has time to adjust.
  • If you live in a temperate climate, introduce fish in the wintertime. There's less bacteria growing in the waters during cooler weather. For colder climates, introduce your fish in late spring or early summer when fish aren't in hibernation season and are better able to fight diseases.



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