The Benefits Of Using A Floating Fountain

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What are the benefits of using a floating fountain?

The Benefits Of Using A Floating Fountain

There are many reasons to use a floating fountain as opposed to a fountain with a standard submersible pump. The floating fountain not only produces spectacular visual effects, they produce other benefits, as well.

Oxygen – Using a floating fountain produces oxygen-rich water. Oxygen-rich water provides an ideal environment for fish and other life in a water feature.

Algae Control – By using a floating fountain to aerate your water feature, you help minimize algae. The rippling movement of the water diffuses sunlight, making it difficult for algae to grow in your water feature.

Water Quality – Aeration improves the color of water, as well as helps remove any unwanted smells. This helps make regular maintenance to your fountain easier.

Organic Regulation – Using a floating fountain helps speed the decay of organic materials like leaves. This helps to prevent staining that can occur in the water from debris.



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