Five Places To Use Floating Fountains

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What are some ideal applications for floating fountains?

Five Places To Use Floating Fountains

Floating fountains can create a striking water world to many environments. You can turn any otherwise placid body of water into a masterpiece. Or, you can provide a practical solution to the ecosystem of your water feature. Here are some ideas for places to use floating fountains.

Natural body of water – A floating fountain can be a practical solution to adding movement where there is a variable water level.

Amusement parks – Create a nighttime spectacular show with floating fountains, complete with lighting and plumes of water 100 feet into the air.

Public fountain – Create a classic three-tier pattern or a more unique stream of water with a customized design.

Pond or Pool – Add oxygen to a pond or pool with a surface aerator. You can prevent algae growth and an ideal water environment for your fish and plant life.

Home water feature – Create a breathtaking water feature in your home fountain. With the addition of lights to play up a series of water streams dancing gracefully in the air, you'll have a beautiful centerpiece for your home.



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