Types Of Floating Fountain Aerator Patterns

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Can you give me some ideas for spray patterns for floating fountains?

Types Of Floating Fountain Aerator Patterns

The floating fountain can be a spectacular water feature. One of the benefits of the floating fountain is that the possibilities for aerator patterns are endless. Aerator patterns can be a single stream of water or several streams, creating a multi-layered pattern. We've gathered some design ideas for your floating fountain here.

The Fan – The floating fountain begins with one spray of water and fans into one sheet of water before it comes down in a gentle spray pattern.

The Spider – A number of aerators cluster in a circle and spray outward into a series of low streams that descend into a pool.

The Geyser – A number of aerators cluster in the center and send a gush of water up into the air. The effect is like a spectacular geyser.

The Arches – The arches are characterized by multiple streams of water spraying upward and out, which eventually fall into a body of water.

The Tier – The tier has multiple layers of water flowing out of variously angled aerators. The bottom layer may be a misty rush of water. The middle layer may be an arch pattern. The top layer can be a single, upward spraying stream.



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