Urn Fountains Go Grecian

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What’s a project I can build with an urn fountain?

Urn Fountains Go Grecian

Urn fountains are the ideal element to create the Grecian fountain. Using an urn is one way to create this classic look without spending a lot on your budget. Urn fountains have high appeal as focal points for any outdoor area. The urn itself would cost you about $400. You can get this project done for under $1,000. It'll likely cost you $2,000 if you hire a professional. Here's how you create the look yourself, courtesy of HGTV.com.

  • You can start by finding an area for your Grecian urn fountain. If you already have an area for a rectangular planting bed, you have a head start.
  • Mark the center of the area where your fountain will be with landscape paint.
  • For your fountain basin, you can use a preformed plastic tub, which should run about $100 at a garden center.
  • Dig a 20-inch deep hole to accommodate your tub.
  • Pour sand in the hole to help you level out the area and place the tub in the hole.
  • Fill the base of the tub with one inch of quick-setting concrete and trowel it smooth.
  • Create a base for your urn with cinderblock. Notch a hole in the cinderblock to allow a 3/4-inch PVC pipe to extend through it. Have the short end extend outside of the cinderblock.
  • Place the PVC pipe in the center of the cinderblock and fill the cinderblock's center with concrete to keep the PVC pipe in place.
  • Stack cinderblocks on top of the first one to reach the appropriate height. Follow with an arrangement of cinderblocks encircling the central piece of cinderblock.
  • Fill the remaining cinderblock pieces with concrete and allow them to cure for a few hours.
  • Take your urn and drill a hole in the center of the bottom with a one-inch drill bit. Avoid applying too much pressure, which will crack your urn.
  • Slide the urn over the pipe so that it rests on the cinderblock pedestal.
  • Fill the tub with additional cinderblocks as support for your pool.
  • Attach a 500-gallon per hour submersible pump to the other end of the PVC pipe.
  • Drill a hole through the side of the tub beneath the rim to pull the electrical cord of the pump through.



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