How To Control the Sound Of A Waterfall

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How can I get the sound of my waterfall just the way I want it?

How To Control the Sound Of A Waterfall

There's nothing quite like the bubbling sounds of moving water striking a pond surface or the surface of a cluster of rocks. It's the sound of a waterfall. However, not every waterfall for your garden environment is exactly the same. That's because depending on the course of the waterfall and the position of the stones, sound will vary. If you want to control the sound of a waterfall you create, you can.

  • Water speed and volume are two factors that contribute to the sound of a waterfall. To produce a loud gushing sound, you need a large amount of water to move quickly. A small stream of water moving slowly produces a ripple sound. Adjust the sound of your waterfall by fine-tuning your pump for the proper flow rate.
  • Naturally, more waterfalls result in louder sounds. But different types of waterfalls create different types of sounds, as well. A flat sheet of water creates a subtle whisper of a water effect. A large fall to rocks makes a louder splashing effect.
  • The sounds of a waterfall can be amplified. You can do this by positioning a series of stones behind the falls to create a hollow space. This environment creates an echo, amplifying the sound of the water.
  • Some waterfalls make more splashing sounds. In order to do this, place a series of large stones in the stream path. You can add or subtract these to get the effect you want.



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