Three Great Places To Put Your Indoor Water fountain

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What are some good locations to put an indoor water fountain?

Three Great Places To Put Your Indoor Water fountain

A water feature doesn't have to stay outdoors. Bringing an indoor water fountain into your home or office turns any environment into a haven. For some ideas on where to put your indoor water fountain, read our suggestions.

In the Corner – Pick a bare corner of any room and give it an instant lift with a triangular shaped movable water feature. All you need is a lattice wall for the back, a simple pool, rocks and floating plants to create this indoor environment.

On A Ledge – Have your indoor water fountain on the ledge of a nook to dress up the kitchen area or a reading room. Your indoor water fountain can be as simple as a narrow sculpted set of jars pouring into a basin.

At the Entryway – Have a wall mounted lion head spouting out a steady stream of water into a pool basin below. Decorate the pool with rocks and plant life and you have an inviting welcome for visitors.



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