Hiring Experts For Your Garden Fountain

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Who can I hire to help me create my outdoor garden fountain?

Hiring Experts For Your Garden Fountain

Sometimes, designing your vision of the perfect garden fountain becomes too insurmountable a task to do on your own. In that case, it's time to call in the experts to help you get your project accomplished. If you're just getting started, here is a list of some of the professionals you can contact to get your project underway.

Landscape Architect – The landscape architect can design and manage your outdoor project as well as give you helpful suggestions on what works, what looks good, what's cost effective and what isn't.

Landscape Contractor – Responsible for overseeing the building process of your garden fountain, a contractor will hire out the necessary hands to create the plumbing, install plants, dig the site and provide construction. You can hire a landscape contractor without the help of a landscape architect. Your fees may be lower, but you may miss out on some creativity and design solutions.

Structural and soils engineers – These professionals will analyze your soil and make sure any structures in your garden fountain project are safe if you need to go to the building department for permits.



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