Ideal Setups For Outdoor Water Fountains

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What can I do to create the best environment for my wall fountain?

Ideal Setups For Outdoor Water Fountains

Getting outdoor water fountains set up properly is easy enough if you follow just a few steps. In order to get everything set up properly, here are a few words of wisdom we put together for you.

  • Placement for outdoor water fountains is important. Consider putting your outdoor water fountain near a patio or bench where you can enjoy it. You can also surround an outdoor water fountain with a flowerbed in a gazebo area.
  • Placing outdoor water fountains in sunny areas brings about the problem of algae. In order to resolve this, treat the water with a fountain cleaner on a regular basis to prevent algae growth.
  • Add rocks or small pebbles to the water basin of your outdoor water fountain for visual interest.



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