Plumbing Smarts For Your Wall Water Fountain

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What should I know about the plumbing for my wall water fountain?

Plumbing Smarts For Your Wall Water Fountain

Confused about how the plumbing works on your wall water fountain? No need to worry. Read our simple explanation and you'll find out the basics you need to know for understanding the plumbing on your wall water fountain.

  • Many wall water fountain models have a submersible pump to re-circulate water in the fountain. Typically, the water travels from the basin, through a delivery pipe, up a spout and then back down into a basin.
  • You can conceal the plumbing of a wall water fountain behind the wall or run it on the surface of the wall.
  • When you can't conceal plumbing that is attached to the wall surface with plants or vines, you can use copper pipe as a substitute connection. Copper eventually develops a patina which will compliment the appearance of the wall water fountain.



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