What Are Floating Fountains?

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What Are Floating Fountains?

Grand outdoor fountains grace water features of palatial estates around the world. Floating fountains are used to create spectacular water effects at hotels, amusement parks and corporate offices. They are popular additions to ponds and lakes in city parks. Unlike traditional stationary fountain that sit firmly in one place, a floating pond fountain rests on the surface of a pond, lake or pool, moving up or down with water levels changes. Floating fountains are operated by a submerged pump via electricity or solar power.

Today's affordable floating fountains offer many advantages for home garden ponds. A backyard floating fountain enlivens a still pond with Feng Shui auspicious properties of moving waters. Dancing waters of a floating garden fountain are mesmerizing and relaxing. A floating fountain creates a more healthy environment for wildlife by oxygenates the waters of garden fish ponds. Floating fountain aeration prevents still water stagnation that breeds mosquitoes and helps prevent algae bloom. In the summer, a floating fountain assists in cooling sun-heated garden ponds. And in winter, the circulation of a floating fountain helps prevent ice forming on the surface of a pond.



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