Creating Different Floating Fountain Patterns

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Creating Different Floating Fountain Patterns

One of the attractions of outdoor water fountains is the variety of fountain spray patterns. Varying spray patterns are produced by simply changing fountainhead nozzles, also called the spray head. Different spray patterns have aesthetic appeal and set the tone for formality or informality, relaxation or stimulation.

When choosing a fountain nozzle, consider the diameter and height of the spray. Too much spray overwhelms a small water area. A trickle is lost in a large pond. For the most pleasing effect, match the spray pattern to the shape of the pond or pool pattern and the garden setting ambience.

Samples of popular fountain spray patterns: Geyser nozzles offer dramatic and spectacular displays of fountain waters gushing upward reminiscent of Old Faithful Bubblers are always informal and fun. Rotating jets have a stimulating informal and decidedly dazzling modern effect. And, mushroom, fleur d' lis, bell jet and multi-tiered nozzles create a more formal feeling and complement circular ponds/pools.



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