Lighting a Garden Waterfall

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Lighting a Garden Waterfall

A garden waterfall that is beautiful by day becomes magical when the lights come on at night. Most waterfall gardens benefit by a combination in in-water and landscape lighting. Specifically designed in-water lighting floats on top of the water or is submerged for special effect. Carefully positioned unobtrusive lighting is best. Too many bright lights detract from the garden's ambience. Avoid the glare of light shining directly on the surface of still water from above. Instead, place an in-water light behind the waterfall curtain to dramatize moving water.

Garden waterfall lights brighten dark corners of the garden, light garden paths and showcase statuary or special plants. Choose decorative lanterns and lights that complement the theme of a garden. For example, pagoda-style lights look natural in an Asian-themed setting. And, when using non-decorative floodlights or spotlights, conceal their housing among rocks or plants.

Installing lighting in waterfall garden is relatively simple and outdoor lighting is typically safe because of its low voltage. A transformer is used to step down electrical current from 120 volts to just 12 volts and ground fault interrupters are used to prevent shock. Follow manufacturer's instruction or hire an electrician to ensure correct installation. Solar-powered lighting offers an alternative when electrical wiring is not desired or practical. And, battery-powered luminaries and candles add another level of soft lighting around seating areas.



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