Choosing the Best Indoor Waterfall

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Choosing the Best Indoor Waterfall

There are several key factors to consider when choosing the best indoor water fountain for a home or office.

  • Space: Measure the area of the location for the indoor waterfall. Check dimensions of a variety of fountains to determine which size fits the space. An indoor waterfall that is too large for a tabletop, floor or wall space overwhelms the area. A waterfall fountain that is too small loses its positive impact.
  • Style: Indoor waterfalls are available in a wide range of materials and styles. Choose a style and finish that complement existing interior décor. Waterfall fountains made from copper, slate, wood and other natural materials are popular environmental choices. Black slate, copper, stainless steel, glass and mirrored wall-mounted waterfalls are particularly dramatic. Sculpted
  • Power Source: Will the waterfall be plugged into an existing wall outlet or require a new electrical connection? Will it operate via a built-in switch, timer, wall switch or remote control?
  • Safety: Ensure that the waterfall fountain is out reach and that electric cords plugged in for the pump are not accessible to pets and small children. Check traffic flow patterns around the fountain to avoid accidents.



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