Installing an Indoor Waterfall

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Installing an Indoor Waterfall

Installing an indoor water fountain may be as simple as unpacking it, assembling a few parts, filling it with water and plugging it into a nearby outlet. Indoor waterfall fountains come with complete how-to instructions installation and maintenance.

Installing a wall-mounted indoor waterfall requires more planning and preparation. For those with a level of do-it-yourself and electrical experience, installation is still relatively easy. Recruit help. Bracing, balancing and attaching an indoor wall-mounted waterfall is a two-person job. Although wall waterfalls can be installed on almost any surface, it is important to ensure that there is adequate support for the fountain's weight with water flowing through it. In most cases, a ground fault interrupter (GFI) electrical outlet must be installed per manufacturer's directions directly behind the wall-mounted waterfall so that it can be plugged in directly eliminating distracting electric cords running down from the waterfall a floor level outlet. (If a direct outlet is not practical, cords can be disguised by furniture or plants below the waterfall.) Wiring the waterfall fountain into a wall switch is also recommended to facilitate turning water flow and fountain lights on and off.



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