Lights Add Magic to Fountains at Night

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Lights Add Magic to Fountains at Night

Sunlight adds natural sparkle to fountain waters by day. At night without light, fountain waters lose their visual appeal. Installing a fountain light brings fountains and backyard gardens to life at night. Different types of lighting create striking effects in garden settings.

Consider these pointers when installing fountain lights:

  • Lights highlight flowing waters, illuminate the entire garden pond from within, float on the surface of the water and spotlight garden accessories and special plants.
  • Subtle lighting is best for fountain settings. Lights aimed directly at the surface of a garden pond or fountain water basin create an unpleasant glare.
  • Use in water lighting to create special effects. White fountain lights and colored fountain lights are dramatic and appealing. However, don't overdo. Colored lights used in excess create an amusement park ambiance and turn gaudy rather than gorgeous. Less is typically more when it comes to lighting.
  • Lights with dark casings are less noticeable and more easily disguised than white or stainless steel light casings.
  • Install a timer to save energy and avoid manually turning fountain lights on and off.
  • Like water fountain pumps, outdoor fountain lights require a ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlet. Unlike most pumps, they also require a transformer to step household current down to 12 volts. Solar fountain lights rely on power from Mother Nature rather than electric outlets. Many outside fountains also come with built-in lighting that saves time and money.



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