The Cool Appeal of Fountain Foggers

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The Cool Appeal of Fountain Foggers

Fog fountains and misting fountains add an exotic and mystical touch to a water feature. There are foggers/misters for garden ponds and for indoor and outdoor fountains. Foggers use ultra-sonic waves to create a dry-ice like mist or fog. Since they do not use chemicals, they are safe for fish and wildlife and they do not cool or heat pond or fountain waters.

For indoor use or patio use, a water fountain fogger creates a light mesmerizing mist around tabletop fountains and wall fountains. Simply place the round misting unit into a water fountain basin and plug in the power pack. The more shallow the water, the more mist is produced. Mist makers are also available with a multi-colored light ring that alternates between colors creating blue yellow, pink or other misty color effects. Some misters also allow a few drops of essential oil added to fountain waters for aromatherapy. (Check pump manufacturer guidelines to ensure the oil will not have an adverse effect on pump operation.) And, misting and fogging systems are often used inside greenhouses to maintain a healthy humidity level and reduce the need for watering. A misting fountain provides similar benefits for nearby indoor plants.

Outdoor pond and fountain foggers also use sonic technology to create low-lying fog or mist over the surface on the water. Pond foggers include a floating ring and outdoor transformer that must be connected to a GFI outdoor outlet. Outdoor misting systems are also used to cool the immediate environment at outdoor restaurants. Seating around a garden pond fogger or outdoor mist fountain uses the same cooling effect on hot, dry summer days and nights.



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