Tap the Sun's Energy with an Indoor Solar Fountain

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Tap the Sun's Energy with an Indoor Solar Fountain

Solar powered fountains are typically associated with outside use. With the exception of home solar roof panels for heating water and running some household appliances, the idea of tapping the power of sunlight with an indoor solar water fountain is relatively new.

Here's how it works. Choose a solar water fountain with a detachable solar panel and AC power adaptor. The detachable solar panel is placed outside in full sunlight within 10-15 feet of the inside fountain. It collects the sun's energy and transits the energy to the fountain pump during sunlight hours. Some solar fountains feature a backup battery that stores solar energy for use on cloudy days or evenings. Otherwise, the AC adaptor powers the pump when there is no sun.

Multi-tiered, hand-crafted from terracotta, ceramic or copper, Serenity Health's Cascade Solar Fountains are an example of solar powered fountains with indoor potential. A six-volt solar pump in the fountain's bottom basin circulates water to the top pitcher where it cascades like a waterfall down a series of bowls back to the basin. A separate solar fountain panel with a 10 foot solar cable sits directly outside a nearby window or wall collecting the sunlight that powers the water flow on sunny days. (Note: This panel does not store power; it works directly off bright sunlight.) At night, an AC Adaptor (for indoor use only) operates the fountain thorough a household AC outlet.



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