Feng Shui of Stone Fountains

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Feng Shui of Stone Fountains

The Five Elements of water, fire, wood, metal, and earth are Feng Shui foundations for balancing yin and yang and attracting good fortune. Each of the five elements plays a significant role in nature and in homes and offices. Greatly simplified, water is the substance of life. Moving water is especially auspicious. The light and warmth of the sun signify fire complemented by an outdoor fireplace, lights, candles and incense burners. Wood is represented by plants and trees and their products. Silver, gold, copper, bronze and stainless steel are a few symbols of the metal element. And, earth is symbolized by the soil that nourishes plants and provides sustenance for all life. Rocks, stones and gemstones are also considered great storehouses of earth's energy, strength and endurance.

Stones are an integral part of Feng Shui indoor and outdoor home and business design. Stones paired with moving water in a rolling ball stone fountain, stone statuary fountain, or stone waterfall fountain are a particularly powerful combination for attracting positive energy (chi) and adding great beauty and relaxation to an indoor fountains and outdoor fountains in a home or business setting.



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