Adding Stone to Any Water Fountain

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Adding Stone to Any Water Fountain

If a purchasing a custom stone fountain or building your own a natural stone fountain is impractical or impossible, turning an indoor fountain or outdoor fountain into a stone water feature is as simple as incorporating creative stone fountain accessories.

  • Enhance the beauty and stone and water Feng Shui benefits to any fountain by purchasing small colored fountain stones, all black polished pebbles or small engraved stones from a fountain accessory supplier. Group them at the fountain base or around the edges of the fountain.
  • Place a beautiful geode or gemstones on the top or side of the fountain.
  • Perch a stone Feng Shui symbol like a small dragon or miniature stone Buddha statue at the base or top of the fountain.
  • A pathway of large custom engraved garden stones creates a beautiful memorial setting around an outside garden feature.
  • Turn a still garden pond into a garden water fountain with a stone statuary spitter fountain that complements the theme of an outdoor setting. Spitter statuary fountains range from formal to whimsical. Popular cast stone statues include: dolphins, fish, birds, cherubs, mermaids, frogs and gargoyles.



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