Bring the King of Beasts into the Garden

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Bring the King of Beasts into the Garden

The lion is a special Feng Shui symbol. The “King of the Beasts,” stands for power, prestige and protection and is a natural subject of stone and faux stone fountains. Dating back to early Greek and Roman history, a lion guarded the entranced and welcomed guests to homes. Today, a pair of sculpted lions often protects the gates of an estate or important government or corporate offices. A stone or faux stone lion's head fountain combines the power of the lion with the timeless Feng Shui power of moving water and the earth element.

There are many choices for lion's head water fountains. There are free-standing lion's head fountains and lion's head wall fountains. Four of the diverse leading lion's head stone-style fountains include:

  • The Corinthian Aslan Urn Fountain is a fiberglass fountain that very closely resembles stone. (Aslan is the lion from C.S. Lewis's Narnia.) Four lion heads on each side of the top of an urn-style water fountain spout water into a bottom basin. This fountain is an impressive front yard courtyard fountain or the centerpiece of a backyard patio or garden setting.
  • The Trevi Lion Wall Fountain is actually a freestanding fountain that sits against a wall like a wall fountain without the logistics of hanging a wall fountain. A choice of color palettes enhances any color theme. And, GFRC composite construction offers substantially less weight than natural stone fountains.
  • The El Leon stone lion's head wall fountain looks like weathered stone, but is actually created from lightweight DuRock fiberglass. Water flows tranquilly from the lion's mouth into a small bottom basin.
  • The wall mounted fountain or tabletop Leo Water Fountain is all about the king of beasts. The entire fountain is a majestic lion's head featuring a waterfall of water from the mouth into a bottom basin.



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