Building Your Own Tabletop Fountain

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Building Your Own Tabletop Fountain

Do-it yourself and craft enthusiasts often enjoy creating their own tabletop water fountain. Purchase a book on water fountains or go online for step-by-step tabletop fountain instructions. Here are some pointers on basic tabletop fountain construction:

  • Materials needed for an indoor or outdoor basic tabletop fountain include: a water-proof container, a submersible fountain pump, tubing, small rocks, silicone glue and other decorative touches.
  • Purchase a good quality adjustable fountain pump specifically made for fountain use and correctly sized for the volume of the fountain from a fountain parts supplier. Pump capacity (GPH) refers to how many gallons of water the pump will circulate per hour. Basic guidelines call for a pump that will move about half of the total volume of a fountain per hour.
  • Make certain the pump cord will reach the electrical outlet without using an extension cord. If used outdoors, ensure that the pump is certified for outdoor use and that the outdoor outlet includes a ground fault interrupter (GFI). A WA type pump may be used indoors only. A WT type fountain pump may be used indoors or outdoors. If electrical outlet is necessary, hire a licensed electrician if you are not experienced in working with electric wiring.
  • Once the basic fountain is complete, fill it with water. Test water flow and make necessary adjustments. Then, get creative with decorative fountain accessories for a unique personal touch.



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