Tabletop Fountain Safety Pointers

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Tabletop Fountain Safety Pointers

When installing a tabletop water fountain or any type of water feature in the home or office, safety precautions are important. Proper wiring and connections are a must. All outdoor fountain pumps that operate off electricity require a ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlet. GFI outlets are also recommended for indoor fountains. If in doubt, about existing electrical connections, contact a professional electrician. Avoid using extension cords if possible. If an extension cord is used outdoors, make sure it is certified for outdoor use. Never hide fountain cords under carpets or flammable tablecloth. And, locate water fountains so that plugged in cords are away from foot traffic not accessible to small children or pets.

Another key safety issue: Kids and pets love water and are naturally attracted to sound and action of moving water in a tabletop fountain. Children can't resist playing in the bubbling water. Pets often consider a tabletop water fountain their own private drinking fountain. Place tabletop or desktop fountains out of reach so that they cannot be tipped easily. And, never use water or fountain additives that are harmful if swallowed by a child or pet.



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