Urn Water Fountains-Past and Present

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Urn Water Fountains-Past and Present

For over 4,000 years urns have played practical and decorative roles. Urns are featured in many famous sculptures and painting by the great masters. Ancient Babylonians, Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses are often depicted holding urns. Famous fountains around the world feature urns. For instance, Abundance holds an overflowing urn in the central feature of Rome's Trevi Fountain. And urns earned a place in literary history in classic poetry like “Ode to a Grecian Urn” by John Keats.

Available in a wide array of styles and sizes, urn fountains are used in outdoor and indoor settings. Today's urn fountains are frequently the focal point of outdoor gardens and interior spaces. Urns fountains are versatile. Symbolizing abundance and timeless beauty, urn fountains grace entrances welcoming visitors with elegance and the soothing sounds of overflowing water. Originally used to serve water and wine, urn water fountains echo the past and add contemporary interest to a dining area. They bring life to the wasted space of interior corners and are a natural choice for the limited space of an apartment or condominium balcony. Beautiful from all sides, urns are often the centerpiece of an outdoor garden setting.



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