Types of Indoor Urn Fountains

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Types of Indoor Urn Fountains

Indoor urn fountains are appropriate for formal, informal and rustic decorating schemes. They come in a wide variety of styles complementing Mediterranean , Asian, Native American, traditional or contemporary decorating themes. Sample this taste of three diverse urn tabletop fountains and urn wall fountains:

A good table top fountain enhances an indoor setting. Sitting serenely on a tabletop or pedestal, this fountain evokes the harmony and good fortune of Feng Shui. Water flows down an exposed rock-like inner basin to a bottom pool in the outer shell and LED lighting adds additional drama. A durable cast resin construction adds versatility of alternative outdoor patio use.

  • Nayer Kazemi Tabletop Fountains in two different sizes feature a sleek black ceramic urn with an elegant block base. The water flows out of the top of the urn over a series of graduated tiers and shimmers down the sleek sides of the urn to a bottom pool.
  • The Tonala Jar Wall Fountain is a popular indoor or outdoor urn-style wall fountain. The stunning pale green patina of weathered stone belies the light weight (20 lbs) of this wall fountain featuring a trio of famous Tonala-style jars. Like spilling urn fountains, water cascades from the top of the largest jar into a pool in the middle-sized jar, then into a small jar pool and ends in the bottom basin for re-circulation.


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