Build a Garden Urn Fountain

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Build a Garden Urn Fountain

Although there are many beautiful ready-made urn water fountains, sometimes you already have the “perfect” urn for the “perfect” location or an urn that holds special meaning. Turn your special urn into a water fountain and make it the centerpiece of an indoor or outdoor setting.

There are two primary types of urn fountains that are relatively simple do-it-yourself projects. Large planter-type urns with a wide top create a mini-pond with a bubbling fountain in the center. Make your own by simply placing a fountain pump in the bottom on the urn. Run the electric cord through the hole in the bottom of the urn planter and seal the opening with silicone caulking or a rubber fountain plug sold by fountain parts suppliers. Add gravel or decorative smooth stones to conceal the pump and a decorative fountain head for a variety of jet or spray patterns. Fill the urn with distilled water or treated tap water and plug the pump into a GFI power outlet.

Tapered urns with a narrow top opening create a fountain that fills the urn with water overflowing down the sides of the urn into a decorative basin. Construction is similar to a planter-style urn fountain except the pump rests in the bottom basin concealed by gravel or small rocks and the electric cord for the pump runs over the edge of the basin or through a hole drilled in the back side of the basin and sealed with silicone caulk. Again, seal the hole around the cord with silicone caulk or thread the cord through a fountain plug. If the urn does not have a hole in the bottom, drill a small hole for the plastic tubing to run from the fountain pump up to the top of the urn. Add small pebbles or gravel to the urn to hold the tubing in place. Fill with water and plug the pump into a GFI outlet. Water should bubble up though the tubing gently and cascade down the sides of the urn to the basin to re-circulate. If the water squirts too high adjust the flow of the pump or push the tubing lower from the top of the urn.

Note: Make sure the urn you choose for a water fountain is water-proof. Make porous urns waterproof by painting them with rubberized sealant or installing a flexible liner.



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