Choosing the Right Pump to Make Your Own Urn Fountain

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Choosing the Right Pump to Make Your Own Urn Fountain

All fountain pumps are not alike. To operate properly an urn water fountain needs a submersible fountain pump that is the correct type, size and capacity for the project. There are several key specifications to look for:

  • Type of fountain pump: A WA type pump may be used indoors only. A WT type fountain pump may be used indoors or outdoors.
  • An adjustable pump is helpful for controlling the pressure of the water flow.
  • Pump capacity (GPH) refers to how many gallons of water the pump will circulates per hour. Choose a pump with an adequate GPH rating. Determine how many gallons of water the urn fountain holds. Basic guidelines call for a pump that will move about half of the total volume of a fountain per hour. For example, an adjustable MN 404 mini-jet water fountain pump will circulate 21 to 106 GPH to a max head (height) of 30 inches.
  • Length of the electric cord: Pumps come with different lengths of electric cord. Make sure the cord is long enough to reach the outlet. Avoid extension cords if possible. If an extension cord is used, be sure to purchase one that is rated for outdoor use and is made to plug into a GFI outlet. To prevent having to constantly plug and unplug the fountain from the outlet, look for a cord with an SW in the name. It features a convenient on and off switch.

When in doubt ask. Shop with a knowledgeable online fountain parts specialist that can answer questions and make sound recommendations.



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