Types of Outdoor Wall Fountains

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Types of Outdoor Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are a pleasing choice for outdoor patios, courtyards, balconies and gardens. They do not take space away from outdoor garden seating or planting areas. All you need to a sturdy wall and electrical source. Outdoor wall garden fountains are weather-proof. And, since there is typically not a large basin to attract debris and sediment, care and maintenance are easy.

Preformed fountains are typically made from quality cast stone, fiberglass or fiberglass resin composites. Outdoor wall fountains made of DuRock fiberglass are lightweight, but extremely durable and ready to withstand any type of outdoor climate. Finishes on fiberglass fountains look amazingly like weathered stone.

Wall outdoor fountains are also available in a wide range of styles.

From Old World elegance to New World élan, outdoor fountains evoke the ambience the Mediterranean, France, Asia, Spain, England, Celtic Ireland and Native American life. Serenity Health's El Leon wall fountain and Leo wall fountain are examples of the timelessly popular lion head fountains. Water runs from the majestic lion's head into a bottom basin where a light illuminates the water flow. A favorite with Feng Shui fans, the Buddha Fountain outdoor wall fountain features water flowing from Buddha's palms into a sculpted lotus blossom pool and then into the basin. Other popular choices for wall water fountains include sculpted suns, fleur de lis, playful dolphins, animals, fish, playful cherubs and guardian angels.



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