Caring for Wall Water Fountains

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Caring for Wall Water Fountains

Both indoor wall fountains and outdoor garden wall fountains are easy to maintain and with proper installation and care. They will provide pleasure for many years. If possible use distilled water in a wall fountain. It contains no chemicals or minerals to wreak havoc in fountains. If tap water is used, be sure to remove chlorine and other chemicals before pouring it into a fountain.

Most indoor wall fountains require little more than wiping the surfaces with a damp cloth weekly. Clean copper with Pledge and periodically enhance the natural patina with a light coat of quality car wax. Never use copper cleaner, it will remove protective finishes that help prevent tarnish. Monitor water level carefully. Fountain pumps need adequate water to operate and running the pump “dry” will damage it. Sunlight also increases the rate of evaporation and requires extra vigilance to ensure that the pump has the necessary water for optimal operation. And, outdoor wall fountains should also be checked for leaves and debris that clog water intake.

When it is time for a thorough cleaning and preventive maintenance, remove small wall fountain from the wall for cleaning. Siphon water from large fountains and clean them in place per manufacturer's instructions. Helpful hint: File original manufacturer's installation, trouble-shooting tips, parts lists and cleaning instructions. They are a valuable guide for care and maintenance and fountain replacement parts.



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