Creating Chi with Indoor and Outdoor Feng Shui Fountains

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Can I use an indoor, tabletop feng shui fountain outdoors?

Creating Chi with Indoor and Outdoor Feng Shui Fountains

Just because you buy feng shui fountains doesn't mean you have to become a full-fledged feng shui enthusiast. Sometimes the simplest motives are the best. Creating peace in your life and in the world is a matter of taking small steps, one thing at a time. Serenity Health is an online store that offers a wide variety of feng shui fountains designed to fit every personality, budget and motivation.

Serenity Health has some great tabletop feng shui fountains but because they're designed for indoor use, they shouldn't be set up in the garden. However, if you've got a sturdy outdoor tabletop or patio deck, you can always carry your feng shui fountains outside. Just remember to bring them back in when you're finished. Enjoy yoga or meditation on your deck using your portable tabletop feng shui fountains for good energy. The calming water sounds will help you to center yourself.

If you're looking for more permanent feng shui fountains, don't get hung up on the words “feng shui” when doing your online search. All zen garden fountains can create the kind of chi (or balance) that you're looking for. Each outdoor water fountain has its own unique beauty and sound. The simple pleasure of water softly cascading up and over the fountain, whispering throughout your garden, will create authentic peace in your life.



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