Garden Water Features for Your Outdoor Water Fountain

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What type of garden water features can I add to my fountain?

Garden Water Features for Your Outdoor Water Fountain

There's so much more to garden fountains than first meets the eye. A little creativity goes a long way when purchasing a garden fountain including the following specific garden water features:

  1. Fountain Grass: Naturally, installing an outdoor water fountain in the middle of the lawn isn't going to look as nice as it would if it were surrounded by plants. Fountain grass (a type of ornamental grass) is easy to grow, unassuming, and is usually not an invasive plant. It grows in mounds of various heights with interesting and colorful plumes. Adding that kind of visual interest around your outdoor fountain is a great idea.
  2. Misting Fountain: When shopping for an outdoor water fountain, look for misting fountains. Misting units can be purchased separately at Serenity Health online and used with your regular water fountain for special effects.
  3. Add smooth, colorful pebbles to the base of your outdoor water fountain for visual appeal.
  4. Make sure not to overwhelm your outdoor fountain with too many large plants. Garden water features should enhance the look of your water fountain, not overwhelm.
The trick is to nestle your outdoor water fountain in a place where you can easily add various garden water features. In addition to plants and complementary lawn ornaments, amp up your garden water features with colorful, submersible lights, misting fountains and fog fountains.



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