Creating a Green Sanctuary with a Solar Fountain

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What is the benefit of owning a solar fountain?

Creating a Green Sanctuary with a Solar Fountain

These days, it's important for everyone to do their part to protect the environment. Every decision made can have a drastic impact on the environment and that includes the decision to purchase a solar fountain. Solar fountains rely directly on the sun for energy. No electricity is used at all! However, unlike the types of solar panels you might have in your home, solar fountains aren't designed to accumulate energy from the sun. They will only work on sunny days. Don't despair though! Some of the solar fountains sold at Serenity Health online (including the three tiered solar fountains) come with AC adapters for indoor use. So, if the weather is particularly inclement, just move your solar fountain indoors where you can continue to enjoy the soothing and relaxing water sounds.

Want to take your green initiative even further? Buy a solar powered bird bath. Attract nature's beautiful birds to your back porch with one of Serenity Health's gorgeous bird baths. Just remember to keep some good quality bird seed nearby. Your backyard will instantly become a safe haven for a wide variety of beautiful birds. That bird bath, combined with the soft water sounds of your solar fountain, will draw you and your friends to the yard more often. What better incentive to pull away from the television set! Enjoy the peace and harmony you're sure to get with your solar powered water fountain.



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