Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Solar Pond Fountain.

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What should I consider when buying a solar powered pond fountain?

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Solar Pond Fountain.

Have you ever seen a water fountain in the middle of a pond and wondered how the owner was able to install the electrical wiring necessary to run it? Well, there's a good chance that person was using a solar fountain. Solar fountains work by converting sunlight to energy through a solar panel located on the fountain.

If you're thinking of buying a floating solar fountain, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Where are you going to place the solar pond fountain? A pond surrounded by trees that block the natural sunlight will prevent the floating solar fountain from working properly.

2) How much do you want to spend on a solar garden fountain? The best idea is to read the product specs first and determine which solar garden fountain best suits your needs. Prices at Serenity Health are always well within reason.

3) How deep is the pond? Depending on the floating solar fountain model, it's recommended that there is a minimum depth of six to 12 inches.

4) Consider purchasing accessories with your solar pond fountain. Solar fountains, like regular water fountains, require care. At Serenity Health, you have the option of adding accessories like No More Foam, Fountain Fresh, and No More Algae to your order.

A floating solar fountain can really add zest to your pond or pool. Just remember to make sure the size of the water fountain is proportionate to the size of the pond or pool.



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