The Magic and Mystery of a Lion Wall Fountain

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What type of fountain is interesting enough for both adults and children?

The Magic and Mystery of a Lion Wall Fountain

If you're looking for a wall water fountain that amazes your friends and delights younger guests, consider adorning your home with a lion wall fountain. Serenity Health has many wall fountains, but the Leo Wall Fountain in particular is suitable for a variety of situations. Hang it on your interior wall, mount it on an outside wall in your garden, or even set it upright on a sturdy table. Wherever you decide to install the Leo Wall Fountain, it'll be sure to inspire great conversation. It doesn't take much to spark a child's creativity, and the majestic lion's head on this wall water fountain is sure to spark interest.

The Leo Wall Fountain comes in one piece and is easy to install. It comes with its own pump, light, and weighs only 22 pounds! Because it's so lightweight and easy to install, you could potentially move this wall mounted fountain outdoor to your garden for the summer months, and back inside when the weather turns cold and inclement. Serenity Health online has so many indoor wall water fountains and outdoor wall mounted fountains to choose from that it's often hard to decide what to get. To help narrow down your search, try to keep in mind where you want to put the wall fountain, what size wall fountain you're looking for, and whether you will be moving it around or keeping it in the same place.

Whatever type of wall fountain you decide on, you can be sure it will inspire the old and young alike.



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