Outdoor Fountains for Every Budget

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Outdoor Fountains for Every Budget

There’s something about outdoor fountains that seems decadent, reserved only for those with a lot of disposable income. Yet all it takes is a small outdoor pond to create a stunning visual effect using a floating fountain, all at a great price.

Do you have a cottage near a lake? Have a small pond in your garden or backyard? Serenity Health.com has a wide variety of affordable floating pond fountains to choose from including three-dish designs, “disappearing” fountains and even floating solar fountains. The floating solar fountain is unique in that it requires no wiring or batteries, making it the perfect choice for water use.

A popular choice for home and/or cottage use is the Floating Lily Solar Pond Fountain which is easy to install, easy to maintain, and comes with a 6 volt solar pump. All you need to keep this outdoor water fountain running is a little sunshine!

Interested in something on a larger scale? Illuminate your waterway with the 3.1JF, 3HP Pond Fountain. You’ll get five different nozzles for creating dazzling effects along with various lighting options to really make your summer evenings spectacular. This type of outdoor fountain is a little more complicated than the smaller solar fountain version, and you’ll need the help of a qualified electrician with this particular model, but the effects and options are endless and well worth it.

Just remember, there are a wide variety of floating fountains to choose from in every price range and style.



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